Attendant Health Club in Gilbert at Seville Golf Country Club

Date Posted: 9/22/2022

Job Snapshot

Job Description


1. Must be courteous and exercise tact and diplomacy when dealing with the Members/guests and their children.

2. Show professionalism and willingness to coordinate activities and programs with the children appropriately based on age, interests, etc.

3. Must monitor and actively participate with children at all times. Children must be under constant supervision by child care attendants.

4. Must have the ability to deal appropriately with problem behaviors of children in the Youth/Day Care Center.

5. Must ensure the cleanliness of the Youth/Day Care Center.

6. Assisting children with any help needed including serving lunch or dinner with drinks.

7. To connect Members to other Members through ongoing contact with the Members and promotion of club/children activities, including warm welcomes, magic moments and fond farewells by connecting with each Member’s family in the facility.

8. Promote the Youth/Day Care Center amenities, programs and the Club while maintaining a high level of professionalism and service that aligns with the values, philosophies and standards of the club. This includes being in club-approved uniform and nametag.

9. Responsible for seeing that daily assignments is completed in their respective areas, to meet Club standards and as communicated in the Star Service FOCUS expectations (ie orderly/organized work areas, straighten/arrange entry area, picking up trash/debris, etc.).

10. Assist fellow Employee Partners, Members and guests to ensure delivery of the 3 steps of service without being directed. Be aware of team members and the environment and participate as a member of the team.

11. Notify supervisor of Member/Guest complaints at the time they occur. Rectify, practicing service recover, any complaints as soon as possible


1. Because of the fluctuating demands of the Club's operation, it may be necessary that each Employee perform a multitude of different functions; therefore, as an essential part of your job, you will be expected to help others when the occasion arises, just as other Employees are expected to help you. Accordingly, you may be expected to perform other tasks as needed or as directed.

2. Adhere to all of the various company, club and department written mandatory standards of operations, policies and procedures, manuals, memos, oral instructions, etc., all of which go to make up the essential functions of the job.

3. Ability to communicate effectively with proper grammar.

4. Ability to work well under pressure, coordinating multiple tasks at any given time

5. Ability to focus attention on detail.

6. Responsible for maintaining good conduct and safe working habits while in all areas and assuring that others are acting safely.

7. Attendance at daily line-up and participating as requested.

8. Wearing a CLEAN and neat uniform that follows ClubCorp and your property uniform standards daily.

Job Requirements